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Let's Make Them Listen

Under the Local Government Act, Tweed Shire Council are failing to listen to their constituents on this very pressing topic.
There are a number of principles that are not being followed according to the Act and we have highlighted them in this document. With explanatory notes for each point.

If you feel you would like to speak up and have your say please use one of the methods below that suits you.

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Complete Our Online Survey 

- Individual

Woman with Laptop

Please complete our online survey for individuals HERE

Complete Our Online Survey

- Business

Business Owner

Please complete our online survey for Business Owners HERE

Tweed Shire Businesses ONLY

Print Our Petitions and Business Surveys to Canvas your Surrounding Community

Click on either below to print

Man Using Computer Printer

We would love your support to reach as many residents and business owners as possible.

If you feel strongly about this and would like to get involved please phone the number on the forms linked here.

Have a quick chat with Marie and check in with her that the business area you plan to canvas has not already been covered.

If it's a thumbs up then you can print the forms out directly from this page and visit local shops asking for their support.

They can complete the Business Survey and hand back to you and, if possible, keep a petition on their counter for customers to sign that you can collect again in a few days time.

You can also print petitions to gather signatures from your friends, school community, sporting groups etc.

Please, if doing in-person be sure to ask for their addresses at least

Please liaise with Marie to arrange collection of the documents.

Tell us your Story

Senior Man Working from Home

We have heard from a number of landholders who have been invited to meet with Council, or had Council visit their properties, in regards to the Rail Trail construction adjacent to their land. 

Many of these Tweed Residents, who have spoken to us, feel they have not been heard or had their concerns addressed. They speak of anger, despair and a sense of defeat.

Do you have a story to share? We want to hear from you, please don't give up, we will listen and do all we can to have your voice heard.

You may also have some other relevant story to share.

Contact us here

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