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It Could Look Like This

We have a unique situation here in the Tweed to capitalise on the massive number of tourists who already flock to our Region every year.

Byron Bay alone has more than 2.5 million visitors per year. At a distance of approximately 42 km's away, the idea of ripping up an existing link to that opportunity seems nonsensical.

Imagine instead, a Light Rail service running regularly from Byron Bay to destination Murwillumbah. With a Bike Trail alongside that could support, and be supported by, the Light Rail service. Suddenly if only 2% of those visitors take a day trip through our Valley we've opened ourselves up to an additional 50,000 people per annum into the Tweed. 

Not to mention the annual festivals held in the Byron Shire that could now accommodate their patrons in the Tweed with easy transport to their door.

It just makes sense! And with Byron Shire already tabling the plans let's jump on board too.

Light Rail and Bike Trail CAN exist side by side, think of the Gold Coast Light Rail operating alongside pedestrians and traffic.

We need our authorities to have a little vision and creativity. See below for some inspiration.

Screen Shot 2021-05-14 at 10.15.07

Former Byron Shire Mayor Simon Richardson discusses the $250,000 Byron Feasibility Study into dual use of the Railway Corridor for Light Rail travel combined with Bike Trail.

"Can we cater for both needs and wants? and through our Strategic Consultant Reports that have come to us it suggest not only can we, but it actually is the most feasible economically and the most financially viable option is to do both"


"we don't need more tourists, our tourism sector want our visitors to disperse out of Byron Bay. We want them to stay longer, spend more and get around the region. And so the best way to do that is to provide them an experience to do that."

Further information

How this could look for the Tweed

LIGHT RAIL presentation Cover.jpg

Watch our YouTube

Light Rail Tech Talks

Presented by Civil Engineer Tom Rayner

Over the coming weeks we will continue to upload information about how this could look for the Tweed Community.

We will be including videos and details about costs, income potential, employment possibilities, plus more.

Be sure to check in regularly.

Light Rail with Bike Trail IS POSSIBLE

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