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Crabbes Creek Market Day

Saturday 15th May

Our volunteers had a great day at Crabbes Creek Second Hand Market on Saturday 15th May. The response from locals to our stall was one of relief and gratitude. Many people shared that they were so pleased to see someone fighting for the railway line. Of the 106 people approached, 98 signed the petition in support of saving the tracks.

“I am a cyclist and I have cycled on Rail Trails all over the world. Some of the best were throughout Europe where they have rail travel alongside the trails, some even have carriages to park your bike in. In this busy region it makes no sense to rip up the tracks, having both just makes sense.”

Adjoining landowners

We spoke to two adjoining landowners who expressed that they would prefer nothing happen on the railway corridor and another spoke skeptically of his concerns for security along the track should it become a Bike Trail only. He said when he raised these concerns with Council they advised him signs would be erected, he hopes the signs are effective.

Overall our volunteers reported overwhelming support of the Light Rail idea and a majority of positive responses to the project. Signatures have been added to the growing number of petition respondents.

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